Food to employees to make them happy: Does it work?

For a long time offering free food to employees has been dismissed by many people who thought it could not work. However, recently, many companies have started to make every effort to offer food to their employees to make them happy. Most companies are using food to retain employees. But the question is, does this work? Let’s check out below to find out why your business should be using this technique.

It makes them feel full

One reason why employees want to leave their workplace early is that they are hungry. Providing adequate food to them makes them feel full throughout the working hours. As a result, they feel happy and comfortable. When you give your employees food, you want them to stay in your company and not just for one day but as a longtime worker. Fed employees lose the need to go home to eat.

Enhances working morale
It is hard to work when hungry because you might feel like there is no need to continue working. But when you are full, you feel there is a reason why you should work. Food creates a feeling that the person cares for you. When a company gives food to its employers, it makes them feel they are essential to the firm. Most people appreciate food, and if it is a free, it will boost the morale of workers. The workers will feel a sense of belonging and want to give back to the company.

Helps workers to make good choices
If employees have food more than three times in a day, there need to be a strategy o enhances their experience. Employees have the freedom to decide on what to drink and what not to. Sometimes they learn to eat what’s available for the benefit of everyone. This helps them to learn to accommodate each other and make choices that will benefit everyone. Employees can see the importance investing in themselves by eating healthy.

It increases their engagement
Food gives workers a chance to mingle and bond especially if you have a food day in the company. Many employees will be happy to know what other staff members love to eat. Members find time to discuss work and other issues that might end up being beneficial to the company.

It is a free sample
Marketers often give away free samples. For these samples, you usually do not pay anything, but the company expects to gain something from the sample. By giving free food to staff members, the company gets more than having happy employees.

The answer to the question on whether giving food to employees to make them happy works, it is a yes. Despite how you do it, you will have positive results in the end. A full stomach means a happy heart, and there is no doubt about that. Through food, you will encourage your employees to give back to the company by working hard to achieve their targets. You will increase their productivity as they will not be distracted by cravings and feelings to go home.

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