Ways to make employees happy with food

One of your roles as a company head is to ensure that all employees are happy and involved. Engaged employees have been found to perform better than others (the unengaged), and they usually have artistic ideas. One of the ways to make your employees happy is to give them flexible working hours and holidays as well. However, there is one excellent way that will make your employees the happiest of them all; giving them food. Let’s check out the ways you can make employees happy with the food.

Interdepartmental lunch
We all love to mingle with colleagues from other departments and get to know them better. By having employees from different departments have lunch together, you are not only making them happy but also engaged. Soon or later you will find that they do not see one another as strangers but rather colleagues by one professional company. As a result, you will have teamwork and creative ideas coming up.

Sponsored meal planning
There is no better way to make someone happy than having the person plan for a meal. We all love to eat together. Have different employees manage a company-sponsored meal one times a month or week. This makes employees happy because they have the freedom to choose what to include in the meal. As a result, they will trust the company management as one that truly values its employees. When employees are happy, productivity increases as well.

Offer free coffee or tea
Sometimes some employees might be coming to the office without taking a cup of coffee at their homes. Offering coffee to them will not just make them happy but also motivate them to come in early. This is in return will increase productivity and teamwork.

Celebrate their birthdays
Who doesn’t love to feel appreciated? I bet not even one! As the manager, you should go one step ahead and know the birthdays of all your employees. Celebrate their birthdays at the office with cupcakes. It will make them feel respected, appreciated and an essential part of the company. Anyone will tell you that working for such company is the best decision he has made.

Encourage good eating habits
We all want to work for managers or firms that care about us. You can encourage your employees to eat well by giving them healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits. However, do this while giving them the freedom to- choose the fruits they prefer to eat.

Dinner for extended working hours
Everyone wants his hours of working compensated. Whether it is a second or an hour, every person wants the appreciation. If your employees stay late to finish an urgent project, ensure to motivate them by offering dinner to appreciate them for spending extra hours working on the project.

While all the above might be many for a company to implement, using one of the above ways will help you to have happy employees. You will, in the end, have employees who are willing to work even during odd hours because they know you care for them.

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